Sensors / Composition
Arabica →100%
Crema → good crema
Taste → medium-bodied flavor
Caffeine → medium caffeine content
TEXT_PRICEBristot Sublime 35.27oz Beans
Quantity 1+
Price for each $22.12 *
Base Price $22.12 /kg
Brand: Bristot
Manufacturer: Procaffé S.p.A. - Via Tiziano Vecellio 73 - 32100 Belluno - Italy
Expiration date: 12/15/2019
Filling weight: 1000g
Package: 1000g beans bag
Delivery in D: 28.06. - 30.06. (at today's payment)
Bristot Sublime 35.27oz Beans
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Bristot Sublime 35.27oz Beans roasted by Procaffé S.p.A., Via Tiziano Vecellio 73, 32100 Belluno


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